Item 478

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Item 478: Kids’ Art Basket, Donated by the Dargie family; Includes: *Heavyweight 9”x12” construction paper, multi-color, 120 count; *Heavyweight art paper, 9”x12”, 24 sheets; *Crayola 10 count Fine Line Markers Classic Colors; *Crayola 12 count Pre-Sharpened Colored Pencils; *Go Create Assorted Rainbow Clay Rolls, 12 colors; *Go Create Kids Craft Colored Wiggly Eyes Assortment, 80 pieces; *Crayola Metallic Crayons, assorted colors, 24 pieces; Elmer’s School Glue, 4 oz.; *Elmer’s Washable School Glue Stick; *Paint Your Own Wooden Treasure Chest; *Go Create 18” Parachute Cord-Tie-Dye; *Kids Craft Plastic Pony Neon Mix Beads.
Value: $21  Open: $8;  Pickup: Can be picked up at HCC
Price Realized:  $22

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