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Item 226: Autographed Copy of BODY LEAPING BACKWARD – MEMOIR OF A DELINQUENT GIRLHOOD, Donated by author Maureen Stanton, Georgetown, ME; Hardcover; 2020 Maine Literacy Awards Winner; A promising young girl with a smart mouth, Stanton turns watchful as her parents separate and her now-single mother descends into shoplifting, then grand larceny, anything to keep a toehold in the middle class for her children. Stanton too slips into delinquency—vandalism, breaking and entering—all while nearly erasing herself through addiction to angel dust, a homemade form of PCP that swept through her hometown in the wake of Nixon’s “total war” on drugs. Web:
Value: $26  Open: $8;  Pickup: Can be picked up at HCC
Price Realized:  $10

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